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Shop Front Signage

Upgrade your Store with a Standout Shop Front Sign!

Signage for shops isn't only for retail stores. Factories, offices and businesses occupying any sort of building with public street frontage can benefit from good shop signage! After all, how will people know who you are without a properly branded building facade?

Shop front signs comes in many different formats, and every sign job we do is a custom one, tailored to suit your business and your budget. We sit with you to discuss every facet of your shop sign or signs to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your business.


Shop Signage Budget­­

First, we work out your budget and the scope of works. This is an essential step in the process, as there's such a huge range of options for shop front signs, ranging from beautifully fabricated illuminated sign styles, to a simple print on a flat panel signs. We discuss what you're hoping to achieve and what you're able to budget for, and find a solution that satisfies both of these things to compliment your store and dazzle your customers. 

Then, we put together a custom design package for you from your brief and our discussions. This cohesive pack will tie all the various parts of your store or shop front together, from your windows and walls to your overhead building signs. You have the opportunity to make changes here, until you're happy with how everything looks. We'll also liaise with any 3rd parties such as body corporates or landlords, and your local council, on your behalf if necessary to discuss sign regulations etc. This is the first step towards giving your business a memorable identity and ensuring you're visible to the public. 

The Final Shop Signs Design

Once we finalise your design, we'll work up a detailed quote for you, which outlines all works involved, including design, fabrication and installation. All of our signs are hand made here in Melbourne by skilled tradesman from solid materials such as steel or aluminium sheet. We can cut these materials using plasma cutters or water jet with great accuracy if needed. If you have a sign that mounts to the side of an existing building or wall surface, we can fabricate brackets on site at no extra cost. Most jobs are carried out perfectly within a few weeks so there's minimal disruption to your business's operations.

From there, we manufacture your sign and install everything for you! It's as easy as that. So different shop front sign types are available? We can do it all!


Fascia Sign

A classic component of the retail shop signage is the fascia, and there are so many wonderful options to explore. These need to be viewable from the road, from pedestrians on the sidewalk, and also from the opposite side of the road, so you want them to be concise and not overwhelm the viewer. Depending on your available space and budget, we can look at doing shop signs such as:

·       frame-mounted cladding with push-through illuminated logos / letters
·       simple flat panel signage with 3-dimensional or flat graphics
·       or an illuminated lightbox or fabricated illuminated lettering

The best option is usually determined by the location and its surroundings, the style you are going for, where people will be looking at it from, and also your budget. The best way to tell us what you need is to provide as much information as possible and let us run with it. Our team can give some recommendations on how many letters/words fit on a panel given the size of your space; we know that sometimes people think they need a massive sign or lettering, when in reality just having their name in vibrant letter makes them stand out enough.

Under Awning Sign

Another classic component of retail shop signs is under awning signage. Suspended beneath your awning, these are positioned to attract the attention of pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. These normally consist of either:

·       a double sided lightbox
·       or a hanging frame with either a flat or folded panel to both sides

The graphics can be done in print, cut vinyl, or 3D laser cut acrylic. Of course if you want something a little different, there's other materials and options to explore, but you'll still need to take the practicality of the location into consideration. Under awning signs are pretty straightforward, and it's best to just keep it simple.

Front Window Sign

The front windows make up some great real estate on your building, whether you're in a factory, office or retail shop front. How we utilise these in the overall look of your building will be determined by the purpose of the windows. After all, if you're a fashion retailer, you want people to be able to see in and look at the clothing, but if you're in an office complex, you may want more privacy. Some options for front window shop signage are:

·       laser cut acrylic logo on the glass (popular in shopping centre retail outlets)
·       decorative feature window vinyl
·       decorative frosted window vinyl
·       one-way vision window prints
·       or even just a visibility strip to comply with building regulations

For more information and options, visit our window signage page.

Door Signage

Your front door signage is the last thing a person sees before they enter your place of business. In some instances, it may be the only area you have available to you for your company branding. It is therefore important to consider what you want on there, and what you'll need to take into consideration.

Commonly user door signage options include:

·       your company or brand logo
·       your trading hours
·       your contact details
·       your address and the address of other stores in your brand
·       and sometimes your street number or other office information if it's not already located on the building

Other popular shop front signage options can include:

·       building painting and signwriting
·       outdoor poster cases, black boards or menu boards
·       or banners and flags

We'd love to come down to your place of business and discuss what your signage options are. To arrange an obligation free consultation, please contact us on 1300 303 117 today!