Safety Signage

Is your business in need of safety signage?

We have vandal-proof safety signage in a huge range of off-the-shelf and custom designs. From fire signs to first aid, we have a sign to suit your every need. Our signs are all manufactured in our Victorian factory from materials sourced from trusted local suppliers. All safety signage can be purchased in a range of materials, including acrylic signs, stainless steel signs, aluminium signs, adhesive safety labels, ACM signs, and even timber signs. Other materials and custom signage not available in our store can be arranged by contacting us for a consultation and design brief. 

We also specialise in creating replacement signs designed to replicate and match the look and style of existing signs that may no longer have original documentation, or are now out of production. This is especially handy when replacing one or two old or damaged signs without updating or changing the overall aesthetics of your signage. 

These signs are designed for a range of applications, including:

  • commercial and retail safety signage;
  • industrial and factory safety signage;
  • residential complex safety signage;
  • office building safety signage;
  • educational facility safety signage.

We also produce custom sign packages for commercial fit-outs and construction/residential builds. If you have a project enquiry, please contact us with your building plans or tender package and we will be in contact within 24 hours to discuss your needs.

Personal Protective Equipment Signs

According to the OH&S law, ensuring workplace safety is an obligation for the employer. Using visual communication strategies, like using signs, is one of the most effective ways to keep factories safe and give proper direction to the employees and visitors in the factories. Factory signs are of four main types: INFORMATION, CAUTION, WARNING, and DANGER. Though, some industries and factories may need custom signs, depending on the nature of the information that needs to be displayed.Here’s why every factory should put up required signs:

Ensuring Safety

Safety signs remind workers to maintain caution in critical, dangerous, and important junctures of the factory. Proper installation of safety signs conveys the message that the business is aware of employee safety. No matter which industry you are in, you should install some basic safety signs, e.g. 'No Smoking Area.'

Educating Employees

Signs also educated the employees, especially the newest ones. Signs are designed in such a way that people from any background and language understand them. In manufacturing factories, using signs can be a way to remind the employees what to do and when to do it.

Ensuring Security

Though the factory signs' primary function is to ensure workplace safety, factory signs are a great way to ensure security across the factory. Factory signs can restrict workers from entering certain areas. Signs in the storeroom can warn against potential theft risks.

Signs are best visible when you put them:

Along the walls - When employees walk around the factory, they will notice the sign frequently. Walls are usually the best place for information and warning signs. 

In front of a specific department or close to doorways - Some signs are only applicable for a specific department, like wearing gloves are a must where employees have to deal with certain substances or objects. Caution, warning, and danger signs are best suited here.

Remember to ensure enough lighting where signs are installed to make them visible to everyone.