Braille Services

MPL Signage specialises in the design, manufacturing and installation of tactile braille signage. Our braille services are tailored to suit a wide range of industries to ensure compliance with the building code, legibility for the visually impaired and consistency within the design of the building.

Our world is becoming more and more accessible and inclusive every day, giving greater access and powers to those with a disability. This doesn't mean that our signage and interior designs need to suffer or make compromises to accommodate tactile features. In fact, if done correctly compliant tactile elements can be incorporated into any signage package while maintaining the aesthetics of your building.

Braille Sign Design

Many sign packages and rollouts utilise off-the-shelf braille signs because of the perceived high cost of custom braille signs, and a lack of understanding on how to visually match braille signs with the rest of a rollout while maintaining compliance. However, this simply isn't the case anymore. Incorporating custom-designed braille signage by MPL Signage into your project is no more expensive than off-the-shelf products, and can be created to seamlessly fit the aesthetic.

We can design custom braille signs as part of a full sign package, or we can create these to match existing designs as required. 

Braille Sign Assessment

If you're designing a sign package that incorporates braille and tactile components, but are not sure if your design meets the requirements of the building code, we're happy to assess the work and make suggestions on how to make the sign compliant. From design changes to text rectification, we can help! 

This is available as a complementary service upon request if MPL Signage is manufacturing the braille sign, or on an as-required consultation basis for designers.

Braille Addition

Tactile components can be integrated into existing signage packages in a variety of ways, often without having to replace the signage. Though some designs don't quite have the right space or layout to simply drop the tactile elements in, there is always a way around this and we're happy to work with you to find the best way to incorporate this into your existing package.

Braille Sign Manufacturing

MPL Signage can manufacture one-off braille signs, full braille sign packages, and wholesale signs. Our factory has the capability to create tactile braille signs on a huge range of materials, including:

  • acrylic and various plastics,
  • timbers (inc. bamboo) and veneered sheet,
  • anodised aluminium and stainless steel,
  • 2-pak painted sheet,
  • as well as glass, ceramic and other non-standard sign materials

Braille Sign Installation

Whether ordering 1 or 2 signs for your factory, or a full braille sign package for a multi-level complex, we're happy to assist with the installation as long as you're based in Victoria. 

Our sign design packages include installation diagrams and location plans where requested to ensure everything is installed correctly, and to the code.