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Reception Signage

Reception Signage Services You Can Trust For Your Business 

The lobby area is the first place clients get into when they visit your establishment. It is no wonder most companies strive to make the area as appealing and comfortable as possible. But do you know you can use the reception area to impact the company's functionality, comfort, aesthetics, and marketing? Hiring a signage company like us that specialises in getting the most out of your reception signage is the way to go.

Our Quality Reception Signage Services 

Our reception signage service will help you with your company's branding strategy. Find out the services offered by our company below:

Reception Signage Design Service

One of the services that you will get from our company is the reception signage design service. Whether it is fabricated logos, acrylic signs, reception signs, and so on, we will custom make the design of your signage to ensure it meets your company's needs. Our designers will work with your business to ensure the right design, size, and materials for the sign to make an impact, ensuring that your reception signage truly stands out.

When designing the reception lobby signage we take your full style guide into consideration, and can include taglines, the business's name, logo, and anything else you may require. The service also includes full shop drawings, mockups and concepts for review. In addition, our team of experts will consider the sign and it’s positioning within the size of the room, and this will be included in the elevations. The right design will make an impression without compromising the appearance of your reception area - in fact, it’ll improve and add to the aesthetics.

Reception Signage Manufacturing Service

No matter how great the design is, if it is not well manufactured or uses low-quality materials it will not have the intended impact on your reception area. MPL Signage has great suppliers, experienced staff, and all the right tools at hand to ensure things are done correctly. As a result, we can ensure that your sign will look great and impresses all those who pass by your lobby.

When creating signage for your company, quality is key. We don’t skimp on materials to try to save ourselves a few dollars, and we refuse to compromise on quality. Service and quality are what we pride ourselves on, and that’s not just a catch phrase. This doesn’t just apply to high-end builds with big budgets; if you are on a tight budget we still find a way to make sure that the quality of the signage is top notch.

Reception Signage Installation Service

Installing the reception signage in your company can be a complex process, especially where things like illumination or heavy frameworks are involved. If you do not have the right knowledge or installer, you can end up with far more problems than they’re worth. You also need to put the right safety measures in place to ensure no one gets hurt during the installation process. All this can be overwhelming, but our project managers make this process simple for you.

Our installers have been in the business for a very long time. They know exactly what can go wrong, and they know how to avoid it all. Combined with our clear and concise shop drawings which include elevations and installation plans, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be installed as expected.

Types of Reception Signs

Reception signage can come in many different forms and include a huge range of materials based on your aesthetic and your budget. Our team will work with you to consider the most suitable materials for what you’re trying to achieve, both visually and from a cost perspective.

Popular choices for materials include the following:

1. Metal signs

Metal signage looks prestigious and impressive, and there are various options on offer including aluminium (both painted and anodised), stainless steel, and even brass. While they can be on the pricey side, these options can provide a very high-end look. In addition, there are a range of finishing options that include 2-pak painting, patinas, anodising, polishing and more to enhance the metal appearance. They’re also a durable option that are less subject to UV damage, fading, or peeling that you could see over time on other cheaper materials.

For those on a tighter budget, there are many options for metal-look materials that are cheaper and quite easy to work with, that still emulate the look of metal. 

2. Aluminium Composite Panel signs

Aluminium Composite Panel (otherwise known as ACM or ACP depending on what state you’re from) is a fantastic option that combines the durability and rigidity of metal with the light-weight properties of a poly core. They’re also pre-coloured from the supplier, which means that you have a flawless finish that is resistant to fading. These panels can be both router cut and folded, which makes them fantastic for creating folded panels that can hide internal frames for illuminated (or non illuminated) reception signs that require a bit more depth than a flat panel. 

3. Wood / timber signs

Wood is a beautiful product to use for your reception signage for its elegance, and can suit many different aesthetics. Timber can form the basis of the sign or it can be used as a visual accent for things like router cut lettering. It can be painted, laser etched, or machined in various ways, including embedding other materials like acrylic if illuminated sections are desired. 

There are also cost-effective options such as veneered MDF sheet or plywood which can give you the full wood experience without the price tag of solid timber. 

4. Acrylic signs

Acrylic is easily one of the most versatile signage materials on the market. Boasting a huge range of options, including transparent, translucent and opaque sheets in a myriad of colours and finishes (from gloss to matte, glitters to neons), there is bound to be an acrylic option to suit your signage. It can be fabricated, laser or router cut, etched or engraved, flame polished, painted, folded or rolled, and is also the best choice for illuminated signs. Chances are if you have a sign, there’s some acrylic in it. 

5. Hardened PVC and Foam signs 

Hardened PVC and Foam are both great lightweight options that serve a variety of purposes for internal reception signage. Foam panel is traditionally not very durable so if you’re after a temporary lightweight option that can be quickly changed over, a printed foam sign could be an option for you. Hardened PVC on the other hand is highly durable and comes in both internal and external grade products. If you want thick, non-illuminated router cut letters or lightweight signs, hardened PVC is a definite option to consider.

Benefits of Reception Signage

Installing reception signs in your business is an opportunity to help guests remember your business even after they have left the location. It also makes identification of the actual reception area far easier for visitors who are not familiar with your location, especially where there may be multiple businesses in the one office complex. Installing reception signage can also have additional benefits:

Allows for Creativity

The sign you install in your business is custom-made to meet your needs and designed in conjunction with you and your vision. Thus, this offers you an opportunity to be creative during the process and bring your own ideas to life. It can also completely transform your space and turn a nice looking reception into an amazing one.

Reinforce your Company Logo

Logos are important for businesses since they help potential clients to associate certain products with the company's services. Getting your logo seen not only ensures that clients recognise your reception area, it’ll help reinforce that branding in their minds. 

Create a Lasting Impression

Visitors will pass by the reception area when entering and leaving your location. You can take advantage of this to make a lasting impression on your guests with good reception signage. The more that potential clients see your business logo the more you stay in their minds, increasing the chances of them doing business with you. Tacky, cheap-looking signage can have a negative effect too, making you less memorable or memorable for the wrong reasons.

So don't wait - contact us today to talk to us about how we can transform your reception space with signage!