Prototyping and Jig Creation

Prototype Design and Manufacture

Manufacturing a new product involves different steps, and creating a real-world sample of the product is one of them. This real-world sample or mock-up is known as a prototype. Developing a working and complete prototype is widely regarded as the first step to success in the manufacturing world.

Every corporate giant prepares several prototypes for each product before preparing for final production. Why? Because prototyping is very important to the successful rollout of any manufactured product.

  • A prototype allows a company to evaluate the feasibility of manufacturing a product. It allows them to identify the impossible or irrelevant parts of the plan and how they can modify, adjust and improve them
  • A prototype shows how the product will look and function in the real world
  • A prototype can show characteristics that are not possible to describe on paper, like how a product feels in hand
  • A prototype gives a clear view of the manufacturing process and costs
  • A prototype helps with the patenting of unique designs and features of a product before any competitors do the same
  • Sharing a prototype with clients is the best way to show them what the final product will look like
  • A prototype helps to generate new ideas to make the final product more brandable and profitable

Jig Creation

Jigs are precision tools designed to control the motion and/or position of other parts or tools. Every jig is custom made and serves one specific purpose. With the advent of automation and CTC (Computer Numerical Control), jigs' usage has decreased in some larger corporations. Jigs however, remain a popular time and cost-saving tool for small and mid-sized companies.

Different types of jigs are used for different purposes. Some common types of jigs are drill jigs, PCB jigs, jewellery jigs, staircase jigs, and sharpening jigs etc. We can make any type of custom jig to suit your specific needs.

Below are some of the reasons why jigs are a popular time and cost-saving tool:

  • Jigs increase machine accuracy by automatically locating and guiding the tools without manual adjustment
  • They increase machine capacity by allowing several machines to work at the same time
  • Reduced handling time due to quick and easy locating and setting options
  • Depth, speed, and feed of machine cuts also increase, thanks to the strong holding capacity of jigs
  • Facilitate assembly production by allowing the production of identical and interchangeable parts
  • Reduce operating labour cost and fatigue of repetitive works by minimizing and simplifying the manufacturing process
  • Decrease in quality control costs as every final product is manufactured along a pre-defined path
  • Allow small and mid-sized companies to enjoy the benefits of automation

If you're interested in making a working prototype or setting up a jig to help with the automation and precision of your manufacturing, speak with one of our friendly team today and find out how we can make it happen.