COVIDSafe Signage

If you operate a business in Australia, chances are there are a number of signs that are now required to be displayed at your premises. 

Paper signs printed on your office printer are great for short-term purposes, but it looks like some of these new rules might be here to stay for a while at least. Paper signs are also not the most professional looking items, and are easily vandalised, ripped down, or otherwise destroyed.

We have a range of customisable cost-effective signs perfect for most of your COVIDSafe requirements. These signs are printed to the rear of clear acrylic so that any text on them cannot be scratched off or vandalised. 

Any signs with details specific to your business (such as your QR Code Check-in or allowed number of patrons) will be printed to suit your business. 

As always, if there are any signs that you need that we do not have, contact us today! We're happy to produce whatever COVIDSafe signage your business requires.